Hi, myself Niraj Dhungana. I am a self taught programmer, YouTuber and now trying to be an influencer for people like me.

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Here is How You Should Compare MongoDB _id

If you are coming from the JavaScript background then you might love working with MongoDB database. Also it is easy to work with because of the large community and its popularity. But I am not here to…

news app using node js and expo react native
Node JS & React Native Full Stack News APP

If you believe in the famous quote “practice makes a man perfect” then you are in the right place. In this tutorial series you will see how you can create a full stack news app using Node …

React Native & Async Storage Note Taking | CRUD APP

Creating a CRUD app in any programming language is a very good step as it helps us understand the language well. So, because of that in this small tutorial series we will see how we can create a compl…

all about recyclerlistview
RecyclerListView- React Native Everything You Need to Know

FlipKart is one of the largest e-commerce companies in India. The most interesting fact is that they also use React Native to develop their mobile applications. They have millions of products on their…

react native audio player
Create Audio Player Using Expo React Native

There are lots of good in fact very good audio player apps available in the market. There is no sense to create a new audio player but when it comes to programming I am always curious about how I can …