Next JS 13 Error - does not satisfy the constraint 'IEntry'

Fix for typescript and next js 13 does not satisfy the constraint 'IEntry'

Dec 10 2022

Electron JS Establish a Connection Between Main & Renderer Process

Let's see how we can stablish a connection between the main & the renderer process using preload script.

Dec 6 2022

Events from UI to Main Process inside Electron JS

There are places where we can use our entire web dev knowledge to build UI for electron applications. But listening to the events is different.

Dec 5 2022

Live Search in React js - Select with Mouse or Keyboard

This post will describe in detail how we can create a live search field using react js. Where we can select the results with a mouse and keyboard.

Aug 3 2022

Protect Your API with Next Auth Middleware

Most of the time we need only authenticated people to visit our API routes. So, let's see how we can protect our API using next-auth and middleware

Aug 2 2022

Middleware explain for biginners

Middleware is a wildly used term in programming. So, let's take a look at what exactly is middlewares.

Aug 2 2022

Cut perfect image with maintaining aspect ratio using JavaScript or Typescript

It just takes a little bit of math to cut your image in perfect size while maintaining the aspect ratio using JavaScript or Typescript.

Aug 1 2022

Auth session cookie is missing on express react app

It is common problem inside the express react app to not get a session token in your react app or inside your front end app.

Aug 1 2022

Passport js login with email and password - Node TS

passport js is the most popular auth middleware out there for node and express apps. Let's see how we can use it to log in with email and password.

Jul 22 2022

Next Auth Custom Form to Login With Credentials

It's so easy to render our custom form to login inside the next auth using next js and in this post, we will discuss that same exact thing.

Jul 12 2022

How to embed Youtube Videos inside Next MDX

next-mdx-remote is a package we can use to render markdown inside our next js applications. To render youtube inside it we can use a custom component.

Jul 11 2022

Introduction to Kotlin for Complete Beginner

Kotlin is the first choise nowadays for android app development. But we really know kotlin we are going to find out in this post.

Jul 8 2022

Reanimated 2 withSpring Options and Their Meanings

To get the result that you want you need to have a good understanding of all the options in reanimated withSpring hook. Because they go hand in hand.

Mar 8 2022

Complete Guide to Add Java or Kotlin Native Module inside React Native App

We can use Native Modules from android to inside our react native application to add the feature that we want.

Mar 2 2022

React Native Module Null While Creating Custom Native Module

In this post we will see how we can solve native module null inside react native.

Feb 27 2022

Render Markdown inside React Native App

When it comes to rendering markdown inside react native apps there are lots of packages. But most of them are old & not work latest new react version.

Jan 15 2022

Create Custom Modal Using React & Tailwind CSS

Let's see how we can create a custom modal using react and tailwind css following some simple steps.

Jan 14 2022

Adding sitemap.xml inside next-js website with MongoDB

In seo sitemap plays a very important role. And in this post we will see how we can add sitemap.xml inside our next-js website.

Nov 30 2021

Render remote image url inside Next JS Image

Next js has a great component to render image next/image. And in this post we will discuss how we can render images from remote url inside it.

Nov 29 2021

Create copy-to-clipboard button using react-js

copy to clipboard is a nice feature to have inside our website. So, this post will explain how we can create that using React js.

Nov 29 2021

Create copy to clipboard button using JavaScript

To create copy to clipboard button we have an object called navigator inside windows. This object contains the information about browsers.

Nov 29 2021

Place google ads in the middle of next-mdx-remote

next-mdx-remote is the best to render markdown inside your Next JS app. Let's see how we can render google ads in the middle of next-mdx-remote.

Nov 24 2021

Place google adsense to your next-js project.

Placing google adsense to our next-js app is a little bit of a winding path. For that we can create a different component which will serve google ads.

Nov 24 2021

React JS - insert text in the middle of textarea

To insert custom text in the middle of textarea inside react js we can use the ref hook and insert or append new custom value inside textarea.

Nov 23 2021

Fetch Related Records From MongoDB using Mongoose

Fetch top 5 related posts using mongodb mongoose and javascript.

Nov 19 2021

Responsive Infinite Carousel / Slider Using React and Tailwind CSS

With slider we can incorporate much info in a reduced space. Let's see how we can create an infinite auto-play slider with React and Tailwind CSS.

Nov 17 2021

Free Resources For Next JS Developer to Create Full Stack Blog Website

There is no sweet word then free, let's talk some of the free resources you can use to create your complete fullstack next js projects.

Nov 16 2021

Which to choose – WordPress or custom code for blog website

If you are ready to be frustrated with errors and want a little happiness after days of hustle, go with a custom website or you can choose wordpress.

Nov 15 2021

How to create and export mongoose models correctly inside Next JS

Overwrite Model Error: cannot overwrite `YourModel` model once compiled is the error which you will get if you try to create two models with same..

Nov 14 2021

How to use MongoDB with Mongoose inside Next JS

Connecting to mongodb from next js app using mongoose is slightly a different task then node js and express app, so let's see how we can connect.

Nov 14 2021

React Native Multi Select on Long Press - Touchable Opacity.

Here is a simple way you can use to select or deselect multiple items inside react native. For this we will use TouchableOpacity & onLongPress

Nov 13 2021

How to Setup react-native-cli and Android Emulator on Windows

In this post we will learn how to setup an environment for bare react-native inside Windows PC so that we can run our project in an Emulator.

Nov 13 2021

How to Compress or Manipulate Images in React Native Expo

In this post we will see the default solution provided by expo react native to compress or manipulate image size like crop, compress, rotate.

Nov 13 2021

How express.json() Works Under The Hood

express.json method converts a chunk or buffer data into a plain object so let's see how exactly express.json() does this.

Nov 13 2021

RecyclerListView – React Native Everything You Need to Know

If you want to render big amount of list items inside your React Native applications. Then use RecyclerListView instead normal FlatList or ScrollView

Nov 13 2021

React Native Android Emulator - "could not compile settings file"

This solution work for me to solve “could not compile settings file" while trying to run android emulator from react native cli.

Nov 12 2021

React Native Node JS - Error: Multipart: Boundary not found

This “Error: Multipart: Boundary not found” is common while working with react native and node js app. I use this solution fix mine.

Nov 12 2021

Here is why your KeyboardAvoidingView isn’t working

That's fine but if you can use ScrollView to wrap your form or input and I hope it will fix your issue because it solves my everytime.

Nov 12 2021

React Native - How to find out which key is being pressed

Here is how you can find out inside react native which key is being pressed using onKeyPress prop inside react native text input.

Nov 12 2021

Connect Your Local Development Environment to React Native

React Native doesn't support localhost URL's, but as a developer its important for us to connect our local dev environment to react native.

Nov 11 2021

I Made a Full Stack Blog App Using Node JS and React Native

Practice your full stack skills by creating fullstack news application with node js and expo react native.

Nov 11 2021

How to Play, Pause, Resume Audio in React Native Expo

Expo provides a great api called expo-av to play, pause and resume our audio. Also by using this api we can fully control our audio file.

Nov 11 2021

How to Read Audio Files From Device in EXPO - React Native

Let's see how we can read every media files from device inside expo applications using an API called expo-media-library.

Nov 11 2021

Audio Player Using Expo React Native

Yes we can create an fully function local audio player app using Expo React Native. But it has it's own drawbacks as well. You can read here.

Nov 11 2021

Expo is Self Sufficient or Should I Go With React Native CLI

There are two ways to go with react native Expo CLI and React Native CLI. So, let's do the deep comparison which one you show choose.

Nov 11 2021